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Things to watch for in the Winter

4 years ago | general

Things to watch for in the Winter

During the winter months it is important to maintain your vehicle and ensure your fluids are topped up, tires are properly set, and your battery is juiced up and ready for the harsh conditions Mother Nature throws at it.


The snow and cold winter weather can affect many aspects of your vehicle, take some time out of your day to make sure you’re ready.


Check the fluids


Make sure your vehicle’s antifreeze is at the proper level as not to have any unwanted freezing problems. This should be done prior to the winter of course but checking it now sure isn’t going to hurt! Make sure you have a full reservoir of windshield washer fluid and refill it before it gets empty, you wouldn’t want to be driving down the highway and run out right after the car in front kicks up some slush!




Double check your wiper blades


Your wipers take a beating in the winter. We peel them away from ice, we power them through thick snow and forget to turn them off when we turn the vehicle off. Check them for signs of damage or wear like cracking and change them immediately if they are not clearing the window properly. APC offers great winter options such as the Bosch Snow Driver blades, consider these for best performance.


Be prepared


An emergency is a scary enough situation as it is. Alleviate some stress by making sure your vehicle is ready for the winter and place important items such as booster cables in your vehicle for emergencies. You may want to consider an emergency kit for the winter months. While we like to think we would never need it, the unpredictable weather sometimes forces dire situations.