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[ The Tools That Set You Apart From the Crowd ]

Where Membership Really Matters

APC Select Credit Card

APC Select is a membership program for qualifying customers to set themselves apart from the crowd with earn back opportunities, technical clinics, web based training, access to the annual APC Trade Show, prepaid rewards, roadside assistance, marketing tools, and much more.

Marketing support tools such as ACDelco Connection Mobile and business enhancement tools like ACDelco PSC and ACE offer great benefits to APC Select and APC Select Plus customers. Put your business at the top of the game with an APC Select membership.

Marketing Support and Business Enhancement Tools

  • Technical Clinics
  • Web Based Training
  • Online Diagnostic Tools
  • Trade Shows
  • Prepaid Rewards
  • Group Insurance
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Quality Assurance
  • Marketing Tools